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At WS Interior Design,

we understand the transformative power of interior furnishings

and accessories in your living space.

Our expert designers blend artistry and expertise

to curate your interiors with sophisticated furniture

and distinctive accessories that match your design preferences.

Our services encompass comprehensive space planning

and furniture coordination to seamlessly merge furnishings

and accents that resonate with your personal style.

Through our vendor coordination services,

access top American and international manufacturers

known for their quality and fusion of functionality with aesthetics.

Explore a vast array of options,

from varied wood finishes to a diverse selection

of nail heads in different metals and textures,

allowing you to personalize your furniture selections.

Choose from an extensive range of fine fabrics

or sumptuous leathers,

offering boundless customization possibilities for your furnishing.

with Keren Shefer.

Attending regular furniture tradeshows

ensures our team stays updated on the latest trends,

providing you with an exceptional array of furnishings.

Whether you seek armless chairs for your dining area or a plush

leather recliner for your living space,

our team assists you in selecting bespoke furniture that perfectly

suits your taste.

Moreover, we collaborate with talented visual artists

who specialize in providing artwork and wall decorations.

A captivating landscape painting or a striking still-life portrait

can enrich and elevate your living space,

adding depth or offering a tranquil escape.

Whether you aspire to create a classic country feel

or an urban-inspired retreat,

WS Interior Design guides you in choosing furnishings

and accents that define your unique need and style.

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