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An innovative solution for existing cabinets...

The Cabinet Refinishing Process - Initially,

trims and moldings might be upgraded or added.

The cabinets are then disassembled, stripped, sanded,

and refinished with professional painting, staining, or glazing.

Additional enhancements like soft-close hinges or pull-outs

can be incorporated for an elevated finish.

Timeframe and Quality - Typically completed within a week,

the cabinet refinishing process varies based on kitchen size.

Ultimately, the cabinets emerge in better-than-original condition,

eliminating the need for replacements.

Painting, Staining, & Glazing - Painting reflects personality

through color schemes,

while staining highlights the natural wood tones.

Glazing accentuates wood details and invites natural light.

Explore Cabinet Refinishing - Schedule a consultation to

explore cabinet refinishing as a viable

solution for your kitchen renovation.

Our designers assess your kitchen's current state,

align with your vision,

and guide you through the cabinet refinishing process.

Contact Keren at

469-449-3296 to get started!

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